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The past few weeks, has brought a lot of interesting things to the attention of the media, when it comes to the IT world. No I am not talking about the patent battles that seam to pop up like dandy lions all over the place, but something a lot more substantial.

We’ll start with Hewlett Packard. Not long ago, they suddenly came out with a rather surprising announcement on top of their failed release of their tablet, TouchPad. Well beyond just taking things in stride and continue developing and let their device start showing itself to the world, they decided to kill off the entire department for handheld devices and at the same time, kill the handheld OS, WebOS, that they acquired when they bought Palm Inc. a while back. That in itself was a bit of a shock, but on top of it, they declared that they would spin off their PC department as well! Why? Well they claim that it’s because we have moved in to a Post PC era. Ok.. Well I can understand that, but why the heck did you then also kill off your handhold devices department!? I just don’t get it, but then again the past 7-8 years, little has made any sense coming from HP, sadly enough…

Today we then got the long awaited news, that Steve Jobs will step down as CEO of Apple. Awaited, well yes. The past 2 years has seen a lot of hardships for Jobs himself, in first his battle with cancer and then a liver transplant and hormonal disorders. This has let a lot of people to wonder how long he could stay on top of things with Apple and then this January he asked for sick leave. Now 8 months later, he finally resigned as CEO, and I do wish him the best in getting on top of his health problems, seeing that it must be why he is stopping. But again this has been a 8 month process, where Tim Cook has taken over more and more responsibility from Jobs, so unexpected it hasn’t entirely been. Besides I have a feeling that Jobs actually started this when he was first diagnosed with cancer, even if people see him as a control freak, who wouldn’t step down from his post, before they had to cary him out of his office. But that just doesn’t fit the picture we have of him, if you ask me. He wants the best for the company he co-founded and has run since the end of the 90s, when Apple was almost no more. That work and vision he had for Apple, he just wouldn’t let die just because of being selfish.

But now what? What will be the next bombshell to drop? They say that things comes in 3’s, so I am anticipating something will happen soon and I will be following it.

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