New server setup

March 6, 2019 on 11:13 am | In Server | Comments Off on New server setup

And finally done!

We now have a new server setup – again, this time on a nice little Fujitsu Siemens box, running Proxmox and on top of that, we have a few virtual servers, running debian 9.

In addition, we also have a second vserver in Germany, hosting the mail server and as something new, we host our own DNS server as well, now being in full control over all aspects of hosting a web/mail server setup.

For the neards, it’s a Primegy TX100 S3P upgraded to 24GB DDR3 ECC Unbuffered ram, an XEON E3-1245v2, 2x500GB WD Blue SSD and 3 6TB WD RED drives. The plan is to replace 2x4GB ram blocks with 2x8GB, to max it out, but that’ll wait until prices are right.

This system is replacing the iMac, we got last year, for the webserver, minecraft and master backup, simply because it was starting to run out of power for what was needed. But hey, by dividing things up in to a home server and a server for internet usage, is not such a bad thing – except for electricity, but you can’t get it all :p

I have to thank my Boss for letting me create my own test setups and allowing me to use some hours from one of my co-workers, to get it all set up and running. Then again, this IS a test system, that need to mirror our production system ;)

Well that’s all from me for now. Have a good one!


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